What People Think

At Talent Poole, we love our talent — turns out everyone else does, too!

Frank Durrett, BI Worldwide: "Thanks so much for your great work. I've worked with a lot of great readers over the years, but you may be the best I've come across. I had no idea you could read complicated, long-form training that well! You really breezed through it and made my editing work so much easier."

Jane Hare, Producer: "They love the piece, she (Kendra Hoffman) did a great job! You have the best talent, Geanette!"

Lynn Blumenthal, Casting Director: "God love you, girlfriend. You are the BEST at giving me exactly the kind of talent I ask for! XOXOXOXO"

Jamie McCulloch, Miller Creative Media, Inc: "I wanted to thank you for all your help with our voice over selections. Flip, Kate, and Brad were excellent. Thomson was very pleased with their work and so were we."

Gene Fournier, Manager, Media Resources, Emerson Process Management: "Just a note to let you know your guys did a great job! They came prepared, ready to go, on time and on spot with their interpretations. They took direction well and were a pleasure to work with."

Sally Mars, Producer: I wanted to let you know that Reyna Rios was a shining star on our Optum project.  She is a great actress with terrific range in terms of look, age and emotion.  Christopher Johnson was also a notably fine actor, and Jim Dudley is funny, lively and a good performer too. Just wanted to take a moment to let you know these were our especially outstanding performers.  The cast overall was great. 

Kathy Tuzinski, PreVisor: "I just want to say THANK YOU for all your help on this! You are a fantastic outfit and I hope we get the chance to work with you again soon!"

Lisa Illies, Slumberland: "It was an absolutely fabulous shoot. What a great bunch. Each one looked sooo good on camera. It's going to be a great spot!"

Tony Johnson, Ultra Creative: "Amanda was great today. Super patient and a blast to work with."

Tom Williams, Mayo Clinic: "The actors were all exceptional: punctual, well-prepared, professional, focused, and adept at taking direction. It was a pleasure working with them."

Gary Binger, Quasimodo Advertising: "The client loved all of your actors and was delighted with their performances. I did, too! Thank them all for being so great to work with and really bringing their 'A' game. It was a fun day."

Michael Vogt, Tartan Marketing
We are just finishing up with John (Lano) and the session went very well. We were able to create an excellent match so the new script should be seamless from an audio perspective. John is a great talent, both reliable and consistent. Just what we needed for this assignment.

Paul Phipps, TempWorks: "Rachel was fantastic! She is very professional, fun to work with, and genuine! The videos turned out great!"

Jan Selby, Quiet Island Films: "You are wonderful and so is your team of talent!"

Brian Fisher, Producer, Moreskode: "Brian was great yesterday, so fun to be around."

Zach Zutler, Producer, Periscope: "Tom was fantastic, by the way. He nailed it. We were all extremely pleased by his ability to take direction, his professionalism and fantastic voice. We were surprised how quickly our session went. Thanks again!"

Jenee Schmidt, Producer: "Always a pleasure working with you guys!"