Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Have Before Contacting Talent Poole About Representation?


  1. Professional head shot
  2. Resume
  3. Experience & training


  1. Voice demo MP3
  2. Experience & training


  1. Multiple professional photos including head shot and full length shot.
  2. Experience & training

How Do I Submit Materials to Talent Poole?

Please click New Talent Submissions. Once we receive your materials, we will be happy to contact you regarding representation.

Can You Help Me Make A Voice Demo?

We provide coaching and guidance to our Exclusive Talent who want to make a voice demo. We do not have a studio in which to record voice demos, but we can make recommendations for great studios and engineers to work with.

What Are The Costs Involved In Being Represented By Talent Poole?

  1. We take a 10% agency fee from your payment for any job you book through Talent Poole.
  2. We charge a one-time fee of $25 to upload your photo(s) and resume to Talent Poole's website.
  3. If you are represented by Talent Poole for voice-overs we charge an annual fee of $25 to post your voice demo on our website, and on, which is a subscription audition service we belong to.

Do you represent children?

Yes, we do. We represent children from age five on up.

Do I have to have a professional photo?


Can you recommend photographers?

Yes, check out our Resources page.

Do you represent "out-of-town" voice talent?

You're always welcome to submit your demo, and if we think you'd be a great fit with the kind of work we do, we'll do our best to make it work.